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#Lifestyling with 360 Hair Professional

Stylist Tracey Gransden shares her favorite 360 LifeStyling Cocktail Be Liss cream & Maxi Gel for perfect curls!

Be Liss Cream & Maxi Gel cocktail is the perfect blend for creating smooth curls that provide shine and hold. The Be Liss Cream provides an Anti Frizz action and heat protection, while the Maxi Gel mixed in set a cast to hold curls in place - creating a beautiful look of textured curls and waves. Pro tip, this cocktail along with a diffuser creates a bouncy curly look with body and shine!

...creating a beautiful look of textured curls and waves.

These products are game changers for my curly clientele! Some great reviews have been...

“The Be Liss Cream is something I’ve been looking for to tame my frizz and I finally have a product I can count on!” and “I love how Maxi Gel holds and doesn’t flake!”

“I love how Maxi Gel holds and doesn’t flake!”

As a Stylist, I have found many ways to style using these products. I was introduced to 360 after the pandemic and changed the way I look at styling. A product for every need!! I attended the 360 Experience in Italy back in April and it was nothing short of amazing - to see how these products are made and the integrity that goes into them! Truly made in Italy with Love 💕


Tracey Gransden has been a professional hair stylist for 22 years and a proud salon owner of 4 years, located in the Hudson Valley! Tracey is passionate about expressing her love of hair and hair wellness through creativity. Follow Tracey for more inspiration and styling techniques featuring 360 Hair Professional on social media @traceyghair

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