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360 Business Feature Spotlight

Updated: Jul 13, 2022



with 360 Hair Professional Business Development Coach Kelly LaMure

1. ON TREND PRODUCTS. The 360 Hair Professional range is really appealing due to the size and selection of trending products within the line. I feel the most “on trend” product currently is the Be Silver system, a violet pigmented series of hair care that helps to maintain cool tones in lightened hair. Of course the cooling effect is great for blondes, but I’m a brunette and use it from time to time to neutralize the warmth in my hair.

2. DIRECT FROM MANUFACTURER. We have all experienced running out of one of our most needed or loved products within the past few years. I feel that it is such a benefit to have a product line that is direct from the manufacturer! I could do a whole article on the benefits of quality control and care that goes into a signature line direct from the source like 360 Hair Professional.

3. SALON EXCLUSIVITY. It is imperative to protect your salon investments. Providing your clients with Salon-Only products highly affects your bottom line. When your client can only find their favorite product at your salon that gives you an exclusive edge.

4. RETAILING OPPORTUNITY. Although a concise brand, 360 Hair Professional has a product to address each clients needs. Offering an affordable array of styling and cleansing products that everyone in the family can enjoy like the Daily line, for example. For more specialized needs, the brands newest care editions BeCurl for happy curls and BeLiss for a smooth finish. 360 truly has something for everyone.

5. THE 360 CONCEPT. 360 as a company takes a straightforward approach to providing stylists with only the products they need. The entire brand is comprised of the essentials in color, care and styling. It is perfect for both large commission salons and the solo artist with limited space, alike.

Kelly LaMure is a licensed cosmetologist, calling middle TN home. Working both nationally and internationally with professional manufactures on stage and behind the scenes is where she found her passion for education and sales. We would like to thank Kelly LaMure for sharing her insights into the 360 Professional brand.

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