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360 Q & A Spotlight!

Take a behind-the-scenes look with Francine Mormile, owner of Salon M in Croton-On-Hudson, New York established in August 2019, as she shares her experience with 360 Hair Professional.

Owner, Francine Mormile and her salon family.

What Inspired you to start your salon business? After many years of training and working in the business, I knew it was time to open Salon M. I had an elevated vision of how I wanted to show up in this industry. I wanted to create an environment that would allow young women to exceed their career goals and achieve financial and personal freedom.

What services does your salon specialize in? Hair color, balayage and styling.

When were you first introduced to 360 Hair Professional? We were introduced us to 360 during its creation, we were part of the test group involved in assessing the product line. It has evolved into an amazing line that came just in time - while were struggling with the transition of our previous line.

What has the response been from your clients about 360? The clients love it. The smells are amazing and each bottle lasts a really long time. The clients love the fact they can buy an entire line (shampoo, conditioner and styling products) for under $100.

How has 360 Hair Professional positively impacted your salon? 360 has been consistently available to us as we need it. The products do what they say they will do and are at an excellent price point.

Any personal thoughts or feelings you have about 360 Hair Professional? It's amazing to carr

y a product line that can compete financially with stores like Amazon and CVS. Clients can own salon professional products at an achievable price.

We would like to thank Francine for contributing her experience with 360 Hair Professional. Be sure to check out Salon M on social media @salon.m.10520 to see how Francine and her talented team create magic with 360 Hair Professional.

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