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Bring Back Retail Sales: Quick Steps!

Have you given up on retail business in your salon/suite? Has the recent pandemic and its restrictions made it even more difficult to keep sales afloat? Have you noticed that clients love to pull out their phones and start shopping online after you make recommendations to them?

If this has been your experience, don't throw in the towel on retail sales just yet! There is light at the end of the tunnel. By adding just a little bit of strategy you can evolve with new buying trends and keep clients coming back to you. Here are a few things you can do to increase retail profits in your salon today:

  • Clients want to use what you use. They trust you to cut, color, bleach, and alter their look. So naturally, they will trust the aftercare you recommend. It may seem obvious but remember to USE what you SELL. It’s the easiest way to suggest products for your clients.

  • Work with a brand that will stand behind you to help you with your salon business. The right company for you will make life easy and assist your sales goals with ready to use marketing tools and and promotional material.

  • Exclusivity is key. Work with brands that are not as readily available in mass retail online and department stores. Keep in mind, clients are always recommending products they love to their friends and family. If you are the only retailer of those products, this drives potential new sales just for you.

  • There is flexibility in emerging brands. Working with new brands that are not widely known can work to your benefit by creating more of a mystique and allows you to personalize the products how you see fit.

  • Look sellable and inviting. Buying products has a lot to do with appearances and the way retail is presented on a shelf can have a huge impact on a clients buying potential.

  • Price all your product. These days people are on a budget and fear spending. If prices are not made readily available, they might not even inquire about the cost out of fear they can’t afford it. Take the guess work out and make pricing easy to see. This could work to ease fear and make the client more likely to purchase.

  • Stock your shelves smartly. Show clients you’re in business to sell and confident of the brand you represent by displaying enough inventory to sell to more than one person.

  • Carry a complete line, rather than a bunch if mismatched items. This makes a statement about your commitment to understanding a brand and to the products they make. It also offers clients other options within the line. If a client loves a shampoo and conditioner you sell, they may also want to complement their regimen with a leave in conditioner from the same range.

  • Merchandising for the win. Displaying your brands imagery and signage in key areas create a tone that work to build a flow throughout your salon, like on the back bar, styling station, at the reception area, official website and on your social media. Think of this a brand identity for your salon business. Using salon signage can also act as a means of passively communicating what the brand stands for to your clients.

  • #1 rule. If you try nothing else, do this and we can guarantee you will see results. Simply make the product recommendation to your client. Show them what you used and ask them forwardly if they would like to make the purchase. Sometimes the one thing they were waiting for, is simply being asked.

We hope with the help of these suggestions you are able to start successfully bringing retailing back to your salon and soon, start to enjoy all the benefits strengthened salon retail sales can bring!

For more information on how you can achieve stronger sales in your salon, as well as how you can find supportive resources, feel free to contact us.

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